Doomsday is the third biggest event in the Blood Wrestling Federation. Every match is held in the Doomsday Chamber. There have been 2 different events both held in June.


Held June 9, 2011

# Match Stipulations
1. Maven defeated The Bionic Redneck Singles Match
2. Thing defeated Bubba Ray Dudley to become the number one contender for the Hardcore Championship Singles Match
3. Shelton Benjamin defeated Booker T, The Cobra, Sting, The Ninja and The Golden Dragon to become the number one contender for the Cruiserweight Championship Six way Match
4. Shamrock defeated He-man to become the number one contender for the Extreme Championship Singles Match
5. Stone Cold & Gillberg defeated The Rock & Rocky to become number one contenders for the Tag Team Championship Tag Match
6. Chris Benoit defeated Batman by forfeit to become the new Cruiserweight Champion Singles Match
7. Edge defeated Gillberg and Rob Van Dam to become the new Hardcore Champion Three way Match
8. Bam Bam Bigelow defeated Kurt Angle to become the new Extreme Champion Singles Match
9. Hulk defeated Kane to retain the World Heavyweight Championship Singles Match


Television Championship Quarter Finals - Pre-ShowEdit

# Match Stipulations
1. Bam Bam Bigelow def. Rob Van Dam to advance to the Semi-Finals Extreme Rules Match
2. Daniel Bryan defeated John Cena to advance to the Semi-Finals Iron Man Match
-      First Fall: John Cena
-      Second Fall: Daniel Bryan
-      Third Fall: Daniel Bryan
3. Mick Foley defeated Sting to advance to the Semi-Finals Tables Match
4. Triple H defeated Undertaker to advance to the Semi-Finals Last Man Standing


Held June 22, 2014

Part 1Edit

# Match Stipulations
1. Stone Cold defeated Booker T Singles match
2. Daniel Bryan defeated Bam Bam Bigelow to advance to the Finals Submission Match
3. Tajiri defeated The Rock Singles Match
4. Triple H defeated Mick Foley to advance to the Finals Cell Escape Match
5. Randy Orton defeated He-Man to become new Hardcore Champion Street Fight
6. Curtis Axel, Viscera and Rikishi defeated Kurt Angle, Bubba Ray and The Freak Doomsday Match
7. Team 0 defeated Hulk & Thing and Goldberg & Gillberg to become new World Tag Team Champions 3-Way Tag Match
Doomsday Chamber entrances and eliminationsEdit
Eliminated Wrestler Entered Eliminated by
1 Kurt Angle 3 Curtis Axel
2 Rikishi 6 Bubba Ray
3 Bubba Ray 1 Curtis Axel
4 Viscera 4 The Freak
5 The Freak 5 Curtis Axel
-- Curtis Axel 2 --

Part 2Edit

Held June 23, 2014

# Match Stipulations
8. Devil defeated Batman, Gizmo, Cobra and Kai to become new Cruiserweight Champion Singles Match
9. Triple Defeated Daniel Bryan to become the first Television Champion 3 Stages of Hell Match
-      First Fall: Daniel Bryan      First Blood
-      Second Fall: Triple H      Stretcher Match
-      Third Fall: Triple H      Scaffold Match
10. Jeff Hardy defeated Thing and Edge to retain the Extreme Championship 3-Way TLC Match
11. Ken Shamrock defeated Hulk to become the new World Heavyweight Champion Singles Match