3 Stages of HellEdit

# Match Stipulations
9. Hulk defeated Sting to retain the World Heavyweight Championship 3 Stages of Hell Match
-      First Fall: Hulk      Last Man Standing
-      Second Fall: Sting      Pinfall
-      Third Fall: Hulk      Cell Casket

The Final match in the Television Championship Tournament held on June 23, 2014 at Doomsday

# Match Stipulations
9. Triple defeated Daniel Bryan to become the first Television Champion 3 Stages of Hell Match
-      First Fall: Daniel Bryan      First Blood
-      Second Fall: Triple H      Stretcher Match
-      Third Fall: Triple H      Scaffold Match

List of Specialty MatchesEdit

Doomsday ChamberEdit

Match held in a chamber with steel floor surrounding the ring and steel walls surrounded the cage. There is no top to the cage.

Doomsday MatchEdit

A Six-Man Tag Match held inside an Doomsday Chamber. One person from each team starts the match with another entering every 90 seconds. When someone is pinned or submits they are eliminated from the match. No falls count until all 6 competitors are inside of the Chamber. The last team standing is the winner.

Steel MayhemEdit

Match with everything made of steel. The ring is entirely steel and the entire structure is steel.

Gauntlet Battle RoyalEdit

There are five groups of five people. Each group fights and the first one pinned in each group is eliminated. The remaining twenty people then advance to the battle royal. The last five remaining then enter a five way elimination match. The last man standing is the winner.

Scaffold MatchEdit

This match is typically done in a Battle Royal style with multiple competitors though it has been featured in a one-on-one match before. All competitors start on top of a scaffold arena. When someone is thrown off of the scaffold they are eliminated. The last man standing wins.

Ultimate XEdit

Similar to a ladder match where the Championhsip hangs above the ring, except competitors must climb thesteel structure and make their way to the center to take the title down and win the match.

Ladderless MatchEdit

A Ladder style match where ladders are prohibited. Competitors must instead clumb up a structure in order to claim the title. The first Ladderless match was  Randy Orton vs. Raven vs. The Freak for the Hardcore Championship.